The two ultimately went regarding themselves, when date its matchmaking blossomed

Increase earliest discovered Drusilla shortly after he had been declined from the Cecily; the guy escaped the fresh party he was attending, and you may sobbed in the area alleyway. Drusilla, who’d decided to prefer good playmate, sired him. The guy became enormously linked to the lady, and later applauded the girl while the “that person out-of his salvation.” He had been devastated when he first trapped Drusilla having sexual intercourse that have Angelus. [6]  Even when his ideas is actually left hardened thus, the guy was able solid affection on her behalf. When she was kept inside a weaker county a near-death-find in the Prague, [7] the guy wanted haven for her close to the Sunnydale Hellmouth; their head inspiration from inside the remaining in Sunnydale were to assist the lady get well.

Surge temporarily transported their heart so you can Drusilla to try to get his old like, [13] but got they when he recognized one this lady sensitive rational county intended she couldn’t manage the brand new shame because of possessing a spirit

Saddened and you will jealous, Spike was prompted so you’re able to betray Angelus and you can avoid Sunnydale having Drusilla in the pull. [8] In Brazil, she cheated towards the your once again, which have a disorder devil. However, it actually was after indicated that Drusilla had split up that have your because the through their visions she could see his pent-up fixation and soon as know “feelings” to own Buffy immediately following the guy helped the girl in the finishing Acathla and may even maybe not put up with they whenever all she spotted whenever she checked him are the latest Slayer. [4]  Surge gone back to Sunnydale later on locate a relationship concoction, but later on altered their brain and felt like one torturing the woman manage earn the lady back, in the event one to as well were unsuccessful. [2]

Once Angel destroyed his heart and you may rejoined him or her, Drusilla resumed an intimate relationship with the woman sire once more

A processor chip-implanted Surge perform after explore her during the a hit a brick wall suicide try, claiming “Good-bye, Dru. View you in the Hell.” [9] When sharing his hit a brick wall connection with Drusilla with Anya Jenkins, Spike stated that they need to eliminate their partners because repay. But not, when Anya refuted, Spike try unwilling to it’s risk Dru, as he performed still like the woman. [10] When Xander got acknowledge in order to Surge few individuals realized his interest in Anya, Increase stated he could connect and you can reminisced more than their past relationship which have Drusilla, claiming “Not one person ever before most had Dru, y’know?” [11]

Drusilla gone back to Sunnydale throughout the hopes of reforming the “loved ones.” Increase seemed fascinated and chosen several of their ideas on her behalf, briefly choosing to incorporate her and have now returning to the brand new means he had been. Immediately following giving a-dead peoples and you will slamming aside Buffy, Surge suddenly turned-on Drusilla and you will tied him or her one another to make up your mind once and for all. Making up his mind pretty without difficulty, Surge confessed their desire Buffy and you may seriously made an effort to persuade their it was real. Drusilla unexpectedly laughed in the your, discussing one she got understood most of the together the guy loved this lady because a direct result their novel performance. When Buffy nonetheless refused to need his thinking surely, Spike became aggravated and you can decided to risk Drusilla very she you are going to believe him. Then indicated his twisted fondness out-of Drusilla and you can told you she meant truly so you’re able to him, claiming she “stored him of mediocrity.” When you find yourself Increase was distracted by the Harmony, Drusilla managed to put herself totally free and you can attacked Buffy (who was simply nonetheless chained). Increase taken this lady out-of their and you can spared Buffy. Enjoying in which their loyalties sit, a mad and you can disappointed Drusilla gave up into the Spike and you can kept, seeing him as the much too “lost” for her to simply help your. [3]

The two had been temporarily reunited whenever Drusilla is actually leased from the Wolfram Hart to simply help the lady the latest companion, John, who ran after Surge within his distorted belief that vampire had stolen their soul. [12] Very first reluctant to find the girl, Spike that have comprehension one to Dru are toxic and you will hazardous having their family members. [14] Surge following got Willow recognize Drusilla towards Mosaic Wellness Cardio. [15]